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LEKKO.PANEL is a project which reflects individual needs of our clients. We have created a universal product which combines the functions of a letter box, an access control system, and an information board. In addition, we provide you with the space for 100% personalization of the panel. Noble stainless steel with textures, colours, and sizes you selected ensures the perfect blend with the environment and the highest quality. This is only one of the elements you may design freely, using the intuitive creator. lekko.number is another dedicated solution. Here, you also make all decisions about the look of the inscriptions. Dedicated content, original fonts, expressive colours. And all of that in any size and with a preferred layout. You can choose from 5 options to present your address, the company slogan, or a watchword, maybe? It is you who decides here.

The space dedicated to you

We are aware of how important safety is. That is why we have taken care to provide the advanced technology of controlling access to your premises. You may choose a standard entryphone or a videophone with functions which ensure a perfect image and visibility, at each time of a day. You may also use unlimited possibilities of an advanced IP system. In that case, you are able to communicate and configure the device from any place in the world. Designing LEKKO.PANEL, we have taken care of each detail. One of the elements is a rear access letter box. Its well-thought-out location and a convenient lock ensure the best protection of your correspondence. All components have been made of the highest-quality materials, which make our solutions reliable.

All expectations met in one design

When designing LEKKO.PANEL, we were thinking about the maximum comfort. It starts with a wide box for letters, opened from the premises. This guarantees you can collect your correspondence without going outside through the gate. The comfort of using the panel is even greater owing to a keypad, as you may forget about keys for yourself or other people. Temporary PINs set from the device level or remotely will make it even easier to manage the access to your premises. The device is easy to use at each time of a day, owing to soft key lighting and LEDs informing about a wrong code entered. All sub-assemblies have been developed to reach the highest functionality possible, as you will be able to see when you start designing your lekko.panel.

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Your product requires non-standard components? Additional colours or sophisticated materials? Write to us. We will prepare the best solution together with our designers. The possibilities of lekko.panel and our creativity know no boundaries!

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Post box

Post box – modern post box, made from high quality materials. It’s necessery element of every house. Matched and save construction, protect your correspondence in optimal way. Available space can be regulated directly by panel size. Post box hatch, placed on interior LEKKO.PANEL, allow taking your correspondence without leaving possesion. Outside hatch can be customized by two sizes and any of colors.


Possibility of add text on your panel is minor feature of our product. It allow you to personalize post box exactly to your preferences. You can plece there street number, street name, your surename, brand name and whatever you want. You are able to place there 5 different texts with different sizes, fonts, colors or backlights.

Backlight text is available in 2 light colors with regulated light intensity and with built in light detector that turn on lights in night and turn off during the day.


Intercom is a bacis way of access managing and communication. Button run the bell and speaker with microphone, let you for voice communication. Button to leave possesion is placed in interior part of panel.

Analog video intercome

Intercome is actually most popular device for possesion access. Built in button run the bell, camera and microphone let you for voice communication with video preview. LED lamps provide good visibility in night.


Keyboard is an confortable way of possession access by PIN code. It let you get in to possession without any keys or cards. Have lots of configuration possibilities. You can set time limit or use limit passwords. Can be easly placed even as an optional device for intercom. Buttons are made from high quality material. Easy use even in night becouse of backlight on the buttons. Additional feature is possibility of programming magnets cards

Video intercom smart IP

Video intercom smartIP is latest solution of possession access managment. Built in button run the bell, camera, speaker and microphone let you communicate with video screen by both sides. Video intercom IP is connected with Internet – it allow you configure and receive and broadcast voice and video from every place. Built in LED diods provide good visibility in night.

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